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Meet the Artists

Hickory Flat Pottery is comprised of 3 main artists. Read more about each one below

Cody Trautner 

Owner/ Resident Potter

Cody creates organically. Exploring the artistry of producing highly functional and decorative ware. In May of 2012, Cody became a resident potter at Hickory Flat Pottery, where he is now the owner.

Kim Padula (Trautner)

The name “No One Alike” speaks to the originality, innovation, artistry and personality of Kim Padula. Kim produces fine crafted marbled artworks that art also functional such as table linens, leather bags, and candles. 

Artist/ Owner of No One Alike


Bill Padula 

Wood Artist 

Bill turns pieces of wood making them into various works of art. The gallery features Bill’s cutting blocks, knives, pizza cutters and more! 

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