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About the Artist:Bill Padula

Bill’s current interest is in “utilitarian art.” With his work he intends to bring beauty, coupled with functionality, to routine kitchen items. When talking to people about their kitchens he has noticed that every kitchen has a knife that is everyone’s favorite. Bill enthusiastically has said “Why not make that special knife a beautiful one that cuts well, feels great in your hand, and makes you smile when using!” Bill sees his pieces as works of art that is meant to be used; he poses the question : Why not chop on a handmade cutting board that embellishes your countertop versus a white piece of plastic? This can be said for the rest of his work as well. There are simple pleasures in  using a unique handmade ice cream scoop or pizza cutter versus a mass-produced one from a factory. 

Bill is a third-generation wood enthusiast. His grandfather was a creative type who enjoyed working with wood on a small project scale. Bill’s father learned from his grandfather but took more of an interest in general carpentry not the finishing end. Somehow, Bill became a combination of them both. Bill began framing; then evolved to include finish trim work; then got frustrated with the inflexibility of kitchen cabinet suppliers so he taught himself custom cabinetry; then expanded to include furniture, bowl turning, etc.

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