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About the Artist: Grace Woolway


Grace explored various avenues of ceramics during her undergraduate studies at Juniata College in Pennsylvania; she was able to complete a degree in art history and ceramics. As a senior, Grace completed a capstone project in the ceramics department, allowing her to excel in her throwing and surface decoration skills. After graduating Grace found herself in need of exploration both in ceramics and places to live! She quickly found herself packing and moving to the Northeast Georgia mountains. Grace has been working at Hickory Flat Pottery since May of 2022. 

A large majority of Grace’s work consists of surface decoration such as wildflowers or delicate carvings. Grace makes functional work that will be used daily. When choosing what to draw on her pots, Grace picks plants that are extremely common for the area she is currently living. By combining plant and functional ware, she wants to elevate the users experience and bring focus to the small moments in life. Recently, Grace has been focusing on salt firing with her various surface decoration. 

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