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We are hiring! 

Hickory Flat Pottery is located in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. With the gallery space connected to the studio, customers are able to watch us make pots; a unique experience to the area. The assistant potter position is a 2-year opportunity that will advance your technical and making skills. Hickory Flat Pottery has a long standing tradition of hiring assistant potters to help keep teaching alive in the ceramics field. 


As a full-time assistant potter you will learn various skills needed to operate a studio and gallery space. This position has various duties such as throwing pots, making slabware, and customer service. The assistant potter works collaboratively with Cody to make work and maintain the gallery space. 

Skills/ Requirements

  • Advance throwing skills 

  • Multi-tasking

  • Glaze chemesty

  • Detail oriented 

  • Writing skills 

  • Customer service skills 

  • Communication skills

  • 4 years of experience  

When applying for the position please include the following in an email to

  • Portfolio with 5-10 images 

  • Resume

  • 2 Letters of recommendations 

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